About Us

We source all natural fibers to craft luxury dog beds and classic leather dog collars, leashes, harnesses and specialty items.

We are proud of how we make our dog beds, and we think you will be too.

Our values are simple. We believe in creating a quality product, one that we would want in our own homes. That’s how we got started, with one of our founder’s, Ruth, making a dog bed for her dog after becoming frustrated with the quality and longevity of other dog beds she found available.

We feel like relationships matter. Our relationships with our customers, with our vendors, and with our community matter. We want to do what is best for those relationships rather than what is the fastest or most profitable. We believe that by putting quality and people over the lowest price and fastest turnaround, we are doing things the right way. We hope you feel the same.

Ruth and Abraham

Production partners

  • Mennonite Leather Artisans - Leonardtown, Maryland

Marlin is an ambitious young Mennonite leather artisan and carpenter. He comes from a family of seven brothers and was eager for a way to build the family business. He takes our designs, terrible artistry and all, and hand crafts each wooden dog bed platform into a true work of art

  • Mennonite Seamstress - Leonardtown, Maryland

Living near an Mennonite community, you quickly learn that the products they make are synonymous with quality craftsmanship and durability. We work with a phenomenal seamstress named Stephanie, who takes our visions and our designs, and makes them tangible.

How It All Began - from Hannah

Fireside Hound beds are the result of months of prototyping, mountains of fabric samples, and rigorous testing by our dear Abraham.

   Fireside Hound began with a dog. My mother’s dog, specifically. His name is Abraham, and he is a Bluetick Hound from the hills of Virginia. My parents adopted him because he was a hunting failure – loud noises, cars, vacuum cleaners – make him bark like a mad man. So gunfire was a no-no. My dad thought he was a handsome, manly dog, and my mom will forever have a soft spot for broken things, so they took him home over Christmas.
Being an outdoor, working dog his whole life, Abraham was filled with wonder when he found himself inside. Inside was a magical place – warm, comfortable, with plenty of potted plants to pee on. And soft things everywhere. Pillows, comforters, and, oh my, cushions. My mother has paid a fortune in quilt repairs, re-stuffed the cushions on her couch and hidden all of the throw pillows.

But she has several dogs who love and appreciate their dog beds. So it wasn’t really an option to just pick them up and put them away. She ordered dozens of different dog beds, all promising to be nearly indestructible and perfect for the aggressive chewer. Well, to Abraham, they were perfect. They came apart just as easily as the regular dog beds.

New tactics were needed. We brainstormed about what type of fabric might be the most difficult for him to chew through but was also easy to clean. Thick canvas, waxed, the kind used in boating, we found to do the trick. But it isn’t just the fabric that matters; it’s the design. Anything with a corner, or ribbing, or zippers, or raised seams is too tempting for a bored canine. It was back to basics with a clean-lined design that kept the heavy duty fabric taut.

Through it all was our dear seamstress, Stephanie. I am not a sewer. My mother taught me to cook and clean, but sewing was not in the lesson plan. Stephanie was my hero. I took my ideas to her, and she patiently explained how we could do it - or gave me sympathetic looks that I came to learn meant she didn't know how to tell me I was insane. I spent hours in her beautiful farmhouse, sitting at her enormous sewing table, watching a true master of her craft. I'm truly humbled and honored.

Fireside Hound beds are the result of months of prototyping, mountains of fabric samples, and rigorous testing by our dear Abraham.

As wonderful as he is, it seemed like too much effort to just benefit ourselves. Surely we aren't the only family in the world with an Abraham. I know we aren't the only family in the world that sees the value in using sustainable, biodegradable materials and minimalist design.

We can confidently say our beds are Abraham-proof.