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Loyalty Rewarded


The precious patter of feet when you call their name.

The sloppy kisses you push away but secretly love.

The whole-body wiggle when you get home from a long day.

They fill your life with joy.

It’s okay to spoil them.

 Introducing pet products that are

Best for You

We select natural materials for our products that are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain

so you never have to compromise.

Best for Your Pet

Soft cotton, warm wool, fresh cedar and supple leather.

Your pet will feel at home when you bring the scents and sensation of the natural world to your home.

Best for the Earth

We strive to be good stewards of the world, for our children and their pets.

We think using only sustainable, biodegradable materials is a good place to start.

Artisan Craftsmanship

Your dog’s bed should last a decade. Your dog’s collar should age with them. We take pride in every seam, stitch and swing of a hammer.

We believe craftsmanship matters more than assembly lines and relationships matter more than the lowest price. Fireside Hound is the return to the idea of artisan pride. and making things that endure.


People (and Pets!) First

You and your darling dog are definitely the apple of our eye - but our suppliers, employees, and retail partners are all an integral part of our business.

Ethical employment and manufacturing is the cornerstone of the Fireside Hound brand. We believe in providing maximum benefit to all, from our customers to our seamstresses.